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What is it?

“The School for change and performance” provides individual training with a trained NLP master practitioner to enhance the performance of children at every academic level. The aim of the training is to enable the child to find their own learning style, their area of strength, a better way of concentrating and processing information. As a result the child will gain better grades at school, feel good and to become a more confident individual.

Who is it for?

Every child can benefit from attending “The School for change and performance”. In the past we had especially good results with children that don’t seem to fulfill their potential at school. They seem to get less good grades that their intelligence and curiosity would indicate.

How does it work?

After an initial child with parents and the child, Sujatha will work with the child for X-Y sessions. During the sessions we will address concentration, the use of language in creating a confident learner. We will help your child to increase the speed of learning and support them to improve their thinking process.

We use Neuro Linguistic Programming as the basis of our work. NLP is the art and science of excellence in many fields like learning, business, and so on .NLP is the study of what works in thinking, language and behavior.

What are the benefits?

For the child:
The child is in a positive situation – gets good feedback in school, feels happier at school, more confident when approaching tasks, higher grades, recognition for the child.

For the Parent:

'When you are exceptionally good at something the world takes notice and it allows You to operate at the highest levels’-will take the child to higher level of working, Satisfaction of seeing your child achieve according to their potential.

What is the next step?

Please call Sujatha for an initial conversation about your child and if “The school of change and performance” would be suitable for you.



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